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"Above are some of the many looms that have been offered for sale here on the FEB Page where you'll find Floor Looms, Table Looms, Inkle Looms, Triangular Looms, and Any Other Type of Loom"


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1/18/08: Beautiful maple Loomcraft jack loom with 4H, 6T. 45" weaving width, overall width 53", depth 37". Warp beam folds up to fit through standard doorway or for storage. Three reeds are included (one in good condition, the other two need cleaning). Original cord tieups have been converted to TexSolv. $575 and/or I'm open to offers or a trade for a newer model table loom. Pick up only please from Mesa, AZ. . Email Heather
1/16/08: Glimakra Standard Band Floor loom for sale: 2 treddles weave width 6" light colored wood very nice. like new texlov heddles 2 harness asking 350.00 including shipping costs. Seller will pay for shipping. Email Laura
1/4/08: Contents of a weaving studio, located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts

40” 10 Harness Macomber “Ad A Harness” Loom, with 5 reeds (6, 8, 10, 12 & 15), a bench and accessories

25” 8 Harness “Baby Wolf" Loom, with 4 reeds (8, 10, 12 & 15), extra heddles and accessories

16” 4 Harness Laclerc Table Loom, “Dorothy” model, with 4 Reeds (6, 8, 10 & 12)

Warping Board

Boat shuttles, ski shuttles, flat shuttles, etc. with 3-drawer cabinet, 300+ lbs. wool/cotton yarn with wire shelving, 2 boxes of books, Multiple years of various weaving magazines.

“ALL IN” SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE US$5,000.00, located in Stockbridge MA. Email Cindy or Cathy

12/19/07: I have a Don Pierce bead loom, lightly used. It is the Larry the Loom, Mark IV, with a heavy duty case. The loom 8" by 24" and one can use a 48" warp. It can be folded with the warp on. The loom originally cost $128 including shipping and the case was $19.00 inc shipping, I would like to get $95.00 fot the loom and $10 for the case and I will ship in the continental USA. Email Syd
12/19/07: 60" AVL Production (Mechanical) Dobby, 16 Harnesses. Loom is 20 years old and in good condition (used only 10 years). One owner. Included: attached bench, extra dobby pegs and bars, peg tool, single box fly shuttle, 1 shuttle and 6 bobbins, 3 reeds, lease sticks, 1 yard sectional warp beam, ˝ yard sectional beam, auto warp tensioning on both warp beams, automatic cloth advance system, cloth storage beam and apron, tension box with yardage counter, track and mount rail for tension box, original manual for assembly and operation. $4000 US. Does not include shipping. Shipping arranged or pick-up by buyer; location central Illinois. Email Vicki
12/15/07: We have a Macomber 56", 16 harness, 18 treadle, twin back beam loom for sale, which is in excellent condition. We are selling this loom because it is too large for my wife to comfotably operate. We are asking $2600.00 and it includes a bench. You may e-mail us or call us at 812-829-7255. Email Will
12/3/07: 3 looms for sale:

1- 48" Macomber, 16H,18%, overall size 43"x62". Several reeds are included. $3000. Benches for sale.
2- 26" Gilmore, 8H, 10T, overall size 35"x53". Several reeds included. $1000. Benches for sale.
3- 42" Gallinger, 4H walnut, with 4T, overall size 43"x53". $1,000. Several reeds are included. Benches for sale.

Email VJ

11/28/07: Selling beautiful 72" cranbrook (J72 8349 1075) 10 treadle, 4 harness with spool rack - includes bench, plus bench, floor swift, all accessories. . Excellent condition. Ct. location, buyer pick up. $3000.00. total price. Email Loraine
11/21/07: We have looms coming out of our ears! We have 24" Macombers, 32" Macombers, a 48" Macomber, a Nadeau Handskil, a Pendelton x-frame, a Leclerc x-frame, and a Harrisville workshop. Please check out our website at for specifications, details, and pricing! Email Melodi
11/15/07: 48˛ Macomber loom for sale. Second owner, good condition, never stored, kept in heated/air conditioned pristine environment. 8H with room for additional two, plain back beam with additional set up for second beam with second back breast beam and warp separation. Wonderful loom, excellent beginning set up for using two tensions, never a problem when weaving with this equipment. Additional equipment includes two 8, one 5 and one 6 dent reeds. Located in Rochester, NY - pick up only (cash or postal money order). Email Laurie

11/12/07: Deluxe Kumihimo Kit incl. the Tawa premier marudai, a boxed set of eight 70 gram bobbins, booklet, 3 sm. cones of yarn, warping pegs, and cloth bag for carrying and storage. New this sells for $329. Have used this one time. No time for a new hobbie. Selling for $200.00. 207-491-3171. Email Scott
11/12/07: Harrisville 22" 4 harness loom. Good condition, $300.00.

Older rug loom, 47" 4 harness. I have personally never used this loom but was set up and working when I purchased it used several years ago, $200.00.

Located in Jay, Maine. Will deliver within a reasonable distance. 207-491-3171. Email Scott

11/4/07: Studio of Handcrafts, 46” weaving width, 4H (with space for 4 more) loom with 12 dpi reed. The Studio of Handcrafts looms were designed by a retired engineer to the specifications of his weaver wife and manufactured in Tarzana, CA. They are made from rock solid oak and because so few were made, they are very hard to hard to come by. The ergonomics of the loom are fantastic, the front beam has a tray to hold your shuttle and both the front and back beam remove easily for convenient access to the harnesses. The back of the loom folds down and completely out of the way if needed. The tie up is extremely easy with a very handy cord system. It has a friction brake and because of the depth of the loom, it makes a very large clean shed. The loom is currently in Canyon Country, CA where it is being housed in a weaving studio and has being cared for meticulously. $800 USD. 323-697-4263. Email John

Main Page/Information
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