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This site is for the sale, purchase, trade/barter of previously owned fiber equipment as well as for the sale/trade/barter of fiber animals, fiber stashes and fiber from those who raise fiber animals.

There is no charge to place your ad on the FEB Page. However, If you would like to make a donation, please consider sending it to the "ALS Association". ALS is the acronym for "amyotrophic lateral sclerosis", also known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease". All donations are tax deductible. To make a donation to the ALS national association, you can visit their website by clicking the link below.


or by contacting:

ALS Association National Office
27001 Agoura Road, Suite 150
Calabasas Hills, CA 91301
(818) 880-9007

For donations to local organizations, please visit the Donations Page.

NOTE: I have received too many complaints from buyers who see ads on the FEB Page, contact the seller who has agreed to sell them the item and then the seller sells it to someone else. Some sellers do not even contact the first buyer to let them know they are breaking the agreement. Ads from sellers who have done this in the past will no longer be placed on the FEB Page. If you agree to sell your item, then follow through with the first buyer UNLESS the first buyer and seller have MUTUALLY agreed not to go through with the transaction.

To have your ad placed, send your text ads with the subject header "FEB Ad" to ispin2weave. Please indicate the type of dollar you are selling your item for (US, Canadian, Australian, etc.). Prices MUST be included in all ads. If you would like to include a scanned image, ONLY jpg format will be accepted and image must be no more than 4" x 4" OR 35,000 bytes. Please check the actual view of your image size BEFORE you send it. Images larger than 4" x 4" will NOT be placed. If you would like to have your ad renewed, please contact me prior to the expiration at which time I will update your ad to run for an additional 60 days or until you contact me to remove it.

If you would like to update/edit or remove your ad, please email me with the subject header "FEB\Ad-Remove" or "FEB Ad-Update" indicating the section your ad is in and the date of your ad (NOT the day you sent it). If I don't hear from you approximately 60 days from the date of your ad, it will be removed automatically.

You can find the different pages by clicking on the photo links below.



In regard to Shawn Rausch's ( posted to the Spin-Sales list and Elaine Benfatto's (, comments, first, let me say that neither of them contacted me at all regarding any complaints received.

ANYONE who has ordered an item from me has either received that item as stated in my ad OR received a refund in FULL. And anyone who claims that they did not receive the item or a full refund, simply put, is a liar. In addition, the payment/shipping info that I send clearly states that payments are to be received within 7 days and that if payments are NOT received within that time, the item will be offered to the public for sale again and discounts will no longer apply. I did not always have the 7-day deadline, but chose to institute it when I received orders and payments were sent (not received) anywhere from 2-4 weeks later and sometimes, not at all and with no explanation from the person who placed the order. Any and all payments received AFTER the deadline are ALWAYS and HAVE ALWAYS been returned. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE who has ever purchased an item from me can claim that they did not receive the item or their money back and anyone who does claim such cannot prove it as all items I send can be tracked via US Mail or UPS. Nor can they produce a cancelled check with my signature for an item they did not receive or proof from any money order issuer that I deposited a money order and they never received the item. Any complaints received by Shawn are from people who completely disregarded these rules by sending their payments late and in some cases, AFTER the deadline, and yet, they still expected to receive the same discount and for items to be held for them. And regarding any rudeness on my part, these same people who have complained to Shawn were also rude to me, but Shawn obviously did not take that into consideration. No vendor should have to tolerate rudeness, late and non-payments, and demands for discounts they are no longer entitled to from customers and I won't. Once again, Shawn Rausch DID NOT contact me regarding any of this to find out what actually happened and for the reasons I have stated, her statements are completely false and untrue.

In regard to Shawn's comments of my breaking Spin-Sales list rules, I have asked her numerous times for a full explanation and she has not responded to any of my emails. It seems that if you ask questions about a particular item or event, that is considered, in her mind, a sale which I continue to find confusing. And when asked for a clearer understanding, she has not responded to my emails, but has chosen to ban me instead. Well, if she doesn't respond to emails for an explanation, what can anyone do. I have posted my response here to let others know that both of these people think nothing of making false accusations WITHOUT checking with all parties involved FIRST.ispin2weave

Also, I would like to apologize to everyone who views my site for having to post this message, but Elaine and Shawn never contacted me regarding this matter. Shawn Rausch never responded to any of my emails, but chose to ban and attack me publicly on the Spin-List which was in violation of her own list rules about flaming. This message is the only way I can let anyone know what Shawn Rausch and Elaine Benfatto are doing and capable of. Thank you. "ispin2weave"

Saxony wheels,
upright wheels,
castle wheels and
more along with

Floor, Inkle,
Table, Frame,
Backstrap and any
other type of loom
you can think of

Books related to
spinning, weaving,
knitting and other
fiber related

Shuttles, Bobbins,
Mills/Reels, Spool
Racks and other
Weaving Tools
and Accessories

Barter, Trade or
Swap items you
have for fiber
related items
you don't have

All types of
fiber AND dyes
for spinning as
well as yarn for

All types of
fiber animals for
sale, wanted

Hand and Machine
knitting, Crochet

for anyone
interested in
Tools and Tips Forum

Read what others
are saying
about fiber,
equipment, and

Please send your text ads with the subject header "FEB Ad" including a scanned image of your item (4" x 4" maximum) in JPG format if you have one to ispin2weave.