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"Fiber and Yarn"
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Need help choosing a project for your handspun yarn, a fleece or need to know which breed of wool is best suited for your particular project? Visit a great online magazine for knitters called
"Knitnet" and for wool and breed information, read Jackie Gustafson's article on those very subjects.

1/10/08: Royal baby alpaca fiber for sale, 20 microns or less. $3.50 (US) oz for raw, $4.00 (US) oz for roving. Available in med. Brown, white, lt rose gray and bay black. Also have other colors and grades of alpaca if interested, plus camel, cashmere and guanaco. Email Claudia
1/4/08: Beautiful mohair: adult locks $2.30 per ounce and kid locks $4.00 per ounce. Email Darcy
12/18/07: I have for sale several oz of prime plucked angora fiber. These are long fibers that can be spun without carding. I have light grey/silver, white and some black. The cost is $6 per oz. You can contact me at if you are interested. Email Jamie
12/15/07: WANTED: flax fiber to spin. My old supplier went out of business. Email DKanis
12/3/07: Several colors of LOPI. For sale: several balls of Reynolds LOPI yarn. Net weight app. 100 grams/110 yards per ball. 100% virgin wool. Asking $3.50 per ball plus shipping. Payment by paypal or postal money order only. Email Laurie

Main Page/Information
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