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"Fiber Animals"
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8/31/07: 98.5% German hybrid angora bunnies. They are 5 mo old now and looking for new homes. They would make excellent fiber artist pets because they require very little maintenance. I don't have to comb my bunnies but sheer off 3 inches fiber every 90 days making totals of about 3 lbs of fiber a year. I have found that angora is surprisingly easy to spin. I love the way it draws itself onto the bobbin. I have three black with a white spot, a white, and one white with grey nose and tail (she is very cute). Only one male left. I am asking $125 each. (541)-571-8253. Email Molly.

8/25/07: Wanted Smaller ram. Possibly a Shetland Merino cross or something Shetland or Jacob cross. I'm located in NW FL. will be coming to Memphis TN area Sept. I can not afford a lot. Or will trade Shetland/Jacob ram lamb born 6/07. Email Sharon.
7/27/07: Gorgeous Young German and German Hybrid Angora Bunnies 4 sale to good homes. We have a couple Breeding Pairs, trios, bucks and does currently available. We are a closed biosecure farm, strictly quarantining and preventing disease. Located in southern VT on MA line. Email Bunny.
7/27/07: Shetland Sheep: These sheep are exceptionally tame, Healthy and Happy. Bred from the best Shetland purebred registered stock. We have Shetlands with many colors of fleece. Our Shetlands are good mothers, and sires, serious inquiries only. These sheep require 5 strand Electastop fencing, shelter in winter with turnout, shearing and shots annually. We are an organic biosecure farm in Southern VT, buyers by appointment only. We carefully screen potential new "sheeple" so please include as much info on your intentions, set up, experience et. Include name of your sheep vet and shearer., good references required. We gladly Mentor our new sheep. Customers long after purchase. be sure you mention you saw this ad (or quote it in full, better yet). We also have many fleeces freshly shorn for sale- just ask. Thanks. Email Bunny.
7/1/07: Fiber Alpaca Boys: Gabriel, fawn/grey (10/4/04); Perry, light fawn (7/1/03); Trevor, brown (6/22/03); Jimmie, brown (10/7/06); Almond Joy, white (5/23/06) and others. Looking to move them to great homes at $500 each (discounts available on multiples) or with Happy Trades. Fiber breed sheep/animals, quality yarns/roving/fabrics, looms, fiber equipment or anything fiber related J it does not hurt to ask. Email Shannon.

Main Page/Information
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